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Yes, Although it depends on the location you visit. Some of our locations do no offer a car wash service. 

No, we will not allow you to wash your vehicle if it is covered in mud. Our drainage system cannot handle large chunks of mud and grass or it will clog. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Please contact our corporate office with any concerns or issues and our managerial staff will be sure to listen and take care of you. We value you as a customer and will do whatever we can to help ensure you are satisfied.

Quicklube advises following your vehicle manufacturer “severe driving” mileage intervals.

Our services are approved for and WILL NOT void your vehicles manufacture warranty! Guaranteed!
Simply stop in at one our Tunnel wash locations or call 217-283-4564 and we can have you setup in just 5 minutes!

Typically, Cabin Air Filters last between 15,000 and 20,000 miles or approximately 12 months. Since the filtration system is designed to deliver clean air to the vehicle’s air conditioning system, at a certain point flow from the vents on your dash may be reduced because of a clogged filter. Changing it out too early will waste money but waiting too long to change it will tax the filter’s efficiency also.


For simplicity’s sake, change to a new filter at the start of winter. It’s the best time of year to change because pollen growth will not hit its peak until spring.


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