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Need a Wash?

Keeping your vehicle’s exterior clean is more important than just appearance. A simple wash and wax can save you money in the long run by preventing exterior damage to your vehicle. In the Midwest, the climate changes often and can be extremely hot or cold depending on the season.

In the winter months, snow and ice require the city staff to put salt down on the roads. When salt collects on your vehicle and is not washed off quickly it can dissolve the paint exposing the metal underneath to the elements, which eventually will cause rust.


In the summer months, high heat and the sun rays can also dissolve the clear coat and paint on your vehicle which also will expose the metal below.

Unlimited Membership

Wash ALL you want starting at only $25 a month.

Available at Quicklube & Wash in Lafayette, Indiana, Rantoul Express Wash in Rantoul, IL. AND Quickwash in Danville, IL. See store for Details.

Our Car Tunnel Services Provide:

Tire Shine

Our tire shine features two to three times the normal solids for a more high gloss shine that is environmentally safe and lasts longer than our competitors!

Spot Free Rinse

We work hard to provide the BEST Spot Free water at ALL our car washes that is second to none!

Powerful Air Dryers

Our dryers produce OVER 150 HP of water shedding air to safely remove up to 95% of the water on your car!

Powerful Vacuums

Our high suction Vacuums are FREE at our tunnel locations with a CarWash!

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